ASHA has been operating as a non-denominational society with charitable status since incorporation in 1993. It was founded by Jack and Daphne Thomas and met for many years at The New Thought Church, now Christian Unity, in the Killarney area of Calgary. ASHA moved location to the Calgary First Spiritualist Church in the late 1990’s in the West Hillhurst district and rents space every Monday evening for Healing Sessions. Daphne and Jack were wonderful healers and organizers who mentored many other very successful Spiritual Healers. Daphne passed away several years ago and her husband returned to his native England to spend his latter years with a daughter. We are indebted to them for the time and energy they put into this organization, to make it a viable and wonderful gift to those who attend in order to either give or receive Spiritual Healing.

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers of Great Britain was founded by Master Healer, Harry Edwards, and colleagues. You can access information about Harry Edwards on the world wide web. Harry Edwards was an extraordinary healer of the twentieth century and says: “I have learned that the healing act as far as the healer is concerned, is one of simplicity.” And, “The healing forces come through us, they are not from us.”

While there are many modalities of energy balancing and healing available today, Spiritual Healing concentrates upon a connection with the Divine Source. Our emphasis is upon things that are Spiritual in nature, yet part of the physical nature of the universe.