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ASHA and Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is the transfer of subtle healing energies from the Divine Source to the person in need. The nature of each healing and the healing vibrations are specific to the recipient. Each healing is unique in itself.

Spiritual healing treats the whole person

We are more than our physical selves. We have mental emotional and spiritual layers, too. As many studies have shown, problems on the physical level are often rooted in the other components of our overall makeup.

Spiritual Healing assists in promoting inner peace and feelings of well-being. The healer acts as a conduit for healing energies to flow through the recipient. A relaxed state enhances recovery at the cellular level.


Medical conditions are best treated through diagnoses made by trained physicians. Fortunately, increasing numbers of doctors now acknowledge that faster recovery times are achieved when Spiritual Healing is combined with prescribed medical treatment. Spiritual Healing helps the innate wisdom of the physical body to return to its natural state of good health.

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